Friday, August 20, 2010

About a photoshoot and next few weeks

Tonight is our first photoshoot for Salt Magazine. My friends in facebook must all be over Salt magazine already because that's all I have been thinking about and status-ing about in the last few weeks.

But then, who cares.

Tonight we drive to Cashmere to do the first lots. Mark and I will be running photography, Mark will do most of the lighting, I will probably do the clicking. Sarah and Abby are models for tonight. Quite reluctantly done but I am convinced they will pull it off very well. Gemma will give advice here and there, as and when necessary.

The girls are figuring out what they will be wearing now.

I started designing the SALT BOOK too. First few pages done. It's going to look awesome. I am not sure how the photoshoot will turn out, but I am confident in the team we have. Its a group of people who aren't going to compromise on originality for the sake of convenience. I am also confident that this is what I want to be doing. Magazine for art's/cool sake under the umbrella of the church.

There is a lot lot to look forward to while in Christchurch. Perhaps I will not even think that I am leaving the city at all until the very moment I leave and am in the plane.

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