Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Interview With Self

So, what's on?
-Well I am very very busy lately and haven't got time to even stay home except purely to come and sleep and shower and brush my teeth.

Why have I been busy and what for?
-Well I am putting together a book/magazine for SALT conference that will be artsy and stylish and poetic and all that. So I am organising the team together and running after writers and photographers and stylists to make things happen. I will also eventually be designing the book with another two graphic designers.

Is that all?
-Nah, for that magazine to get published, I have also organised an art auction & exhibition event this sunday night August 22 ( at C1 and raise atleast just the basic amount we need to print it.

What is C1?
-Good you asked. It's my favourite cafe in Christchurch. It is also the best cafe in New Zealand (voted officially for two or three years in a row).

What is happening at the art night?
-Wow! In a questioning mood tonight, aren't we? Well, what's happening is, we are auctioning three pieces of art off. Also there will be, on display, about ten art pieces and smaller memorabilia's and postcards for sale. Nadia Reid will be performing live music. She is a folk/indie singer originally from Dunedin (cool town).

Hm... What else?
-What else?? Well, I am just sitting up, going to sleep soon. Got a voluntary early day tomorrow. Going to head to the art studio to work on the auction pieces by 8:50am.

What did you do today?
-Ah yeah! Today was pretty interesting. Rino, Singsing, Han and Agus planned to go to Banks Peninsula for tramping (the true Kiwi way). So I woke up at 6:45am to make it to the prayer at Majestic for Salt Conference. Then hung a bit at C1 for morning coffee and headed back to get ready for the peninsula. And then realised that its getting called off because of the rain. So, we decided to not let the rain hamper how much fun we had. We went to Little India and I had Chicken Biryani. It was spicy and made me so proud to be Indian haha. And then we watched Mamma Mia - the musical film. Was well made. Well performed too. We also watched Love Aaj Kal. Second time to watch it. Had a good time laughing at it (because Singsing was around too and its easier to spot stupidities in Indian cinema if there are likeminded people around), but all in all it was an ok movie. And after that we had dinner (cooked by Rino and Sing, while I cleaned the dishes after), and I had a meeting with the Salt magazine crew for a photoshoot this weekend. Very excited about it because it is a great team. No one overbearing, and everyone with specific talents and contribution they put to the table. Got dropped off from the meeting to Nate's place where I watched an Australian film (sort of a musical) and another NZ made film. I like NZ made films. They are clever in a non-showy way. The film was The Strength of the Water or something.

And what's on tomorrow?
-I don't know for sure. But I do know I will be doing the art for auction night, and organising photo shoot.

What's on your mind?
-Salt official magazine, photo shoot, Christchurch, my iPod (where in the world is it!?) and few other bits and pieces and fragments and imaginations and thoughts (of course they would be thoughts, because its my mind. )

Ok man. Better head off to sleep. Any last word?

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Rathiulung KC said...

haha. hopeless no job or what