Monday, September 20, 2010

About Frankenstein, Penguin and a new week

I am reading Frankenstein at the moment. Something about old classics, I like. It must be the imagination of the language used.

By the way I have a bit of time to write here today because I am archiving past works in the computer on to the hard drive and they are copying files now so I can't do any work except wait for the copy to finish.

Anyway, as I started, books like Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights spark my imagination more than others do, because the language is so imaginative and alien-ish to what you hear nowadays. The sense of alien-ness adds the imaginative spin to my reading. (hm, I am not sure if that sentence means what I am trying to say.)

Well, another week. I am looking forward to a new week at work, as well as a week of reading Frankenstein. Now that I can afford to buy little things more, I will spend more on books. Too long have I walked across book stores wishing I could buy them and be enthralled by them all.

Oh man, my English. So cheesy. haha

I bought Frankenstein last week on my weekend out at the town. Also along with that, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai, a beautiful book. Extremely well written, set in Kalimpong. I wrote a review of the book in this book. Yeah, I have read it already but still bought it because I want to own it for myself. And it's a Penguin Classic cover. No pictures or photos or fancy fonts on the cover. Just the Orange binding typical of Penguin books. Love it.

Yeah, same for Frankenstein.

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