Thursday, September 2, 2010

Started packing

It was good I got this morning off from anything because I tugged myself out of bed and started getting into packing mode. Much hasn't been done yet, but I have taken out everything and sorted out what need to go with me and what stays behind, and which go to the rubbish and which to be gifted away.

I don't enjoy packing. Seeing folded up memories, smells and forgotten memorabilia's make me go all mushy. That's why I got out in my pajamas and crossed the avenue, went to the dairy and got milk to make tea, looking like a bum.

I have thought many times as I packed about how I cannot imagine starting a new life afresh. Somehow transitions in my life have always been smooth for me. WHen our family moved to Shillong, we went on a truck and it was one heck of an adventure. When I moved to Christchurch, I didn't know up till 3 hours before my flight took off from Delhi that I would be able to go for sure. So I never gave it much thought.

This time too I have been very busy with SALT conference and trying to brush off the thought of moving away, that the reality of me starting a new life elsewhere never really stole up to me. Well up til this morning. I am not sad. It's just that I don't know what to feel about it. Christchurch has become a home. I have become well acquainted with the streets and the people and its culture..

(Wow, and at this very moment Abby retweeted this thing on twitter: "Don't rush or force the ending... All you have to know is the next scene, or the next few scenes." Chuck Palahniuk )

How fitting haha.

Auckland huh.
Auckland. Never thought I'd be moving there. Am I really going there? For work? Wow. Auckland.

Why I find it so surprising is that, when I first heard about Christchurch, I knew this was what I wanted. I saw the brochure of CPIT in Chch and the part about Christchurch said: It is more England than England, with gardens and slow paced life.

THat struck a chord in me, somewhere. I didn't know I would be there or whether I even wanted to be there for real. But I remember being drawn to the idea of Christchurch.

Not so with Auckland. Well, to be fair, how I got the information about Parachute WAS miraculous, eventually how I applied for it (with everything fitting in so well) and how I got the job there, were all miraculous... and that serves the purpose more than anything else, I suppose. But what I mean is that, Auckland as a city to be living in has never really even dawned on me at all, not even up til I went up there and lived with a friend for a weekend.

But despite all feelings, things have worked out soo well, too well in fact, that I know I am to go there for God knows how long and make the most of it, learn as much as I can, and see where I go from there.

My tea is getting cold. I have put a bit too much of sugar in it. Bitingly sweet. I have cut down on my sugar drinking (in tea that is). Haha but nothing serious. I detest dieting. I think its stupid, and I will hold that opinion until I am proven wrong.

Two nights ago I talked with my cousin Singsing in my room huddling in my bed with the oil heater on. Talked for hours, about home, about the future, about people, about friends, about Ching, Thiu, Pouchun, Ramu, about Shillong, Tamenglong and Christchurch.

I had to get up early at 6:30 but still then we talked into the night til about 2:30.

When you're forced to just trust God on something, that's the best place to be in, so I have learnt.

Oh crap. I need to get back to packing, I have to go out again soon.


Marisa said...

Hey bro! From Boston (5 yrs) to CT (13 years) to UCONN (4 yrs) to India (1 yr) to CT (3 months) to Chiang Mai Thailand (5 months) to the floor of Thailand's highest school/out in a village (7 wks) and then on to my friends place (2 wks) and eventually Bangkok (6 months)...I know that bittersweet feeling of moving! And heck-I might as well add in 2 wks with you all in NZ. haha.

Some of them came with tons of thought,some with none at all, but moving always is an adventure as you settle into a new routine, new friends, a new community, and all the other good stuff. Glad you got chat to with SingSing for a while and reminisce!

God's got His hand on you an great plans in store! Keep listening for His voice and obeying His will -- it won't always be easy, but it will be quite the adventure and always worth it! I'm excited to hear about Auckland!

Rathiulung KC said...

i feel bad that you will have to leave Sing behind though. you will definitely miss being with him. taht was priceless, that you were together and all. now it's time to move on. maybe move away

that is life. be strong.