Friday, October 8, 2010

Email to my father

I was writing an email to my father just now and it made me think about a few things. About how far I have come. And about how it all began when we started realising how inadequate we all are apart from God.

I remember I used to look forward to receiving stocks from World Vision coming in (we never really did get many of them, because my parents thought there were other people who needed them more). I would watch people get umbrellas and bags and so on, all the way from America, and not that we needed umbrellas and bags but I would wish I could qualify to get just anything from America too. It would be really nice.

Parachute Music partners with World Vision. Now I am on the other end working with the people who are wanting to help nations and peoples and families in India, Rwanda and so on.


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Rathiulung KC said...

amen. it is unbelievable. God is so faithful. sometimes it makes me emotional to think where we were and now where we are at.