Monday, November 1, 2010

What the world needs

Maybe I am becoming too modernist in my thinking. Or whatever the technical term is, if you give a rip about what the actual word is that I am refering to.

Modernist. Post-modernist. Whatever it is. Progressive. Alternative.

My point is, sometimes I feel what the world really needs is love.

(Haha, how stupid I sound.)

Not judgment not critics not justice not human rights not even religion.

Not the lovey-dovey-ing between lovers. Not relationships.

But love for human kind. The kind of love that hippies who crooned the Beatles' song 'All We Need Is Love' totally missed because they thought that making free love and snorting grass were the answers to the problems of the world.

Love for human kind. I don't know what that means though. But I remember one of my friends, when I asked him what according to you is God? said: Love.

If there is an absolute truth on earth that humans have access to, it is love. Love can never be wrong.

Charity done out of love. Discipline done out of love. Teaching done out of love. Words spoken out of love. Songs sung out of love. Work done out of love.

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