Monday, November 22, 2010


When God gives, he gives more than you can handle so that you don't get cocky.
When God takes away it is because he doesn't want you depending on what you had received from him.
I had to go in a few minutes. The person who would drop me back to city was already starting up her car. And I rushed back into my room to gather my things.

Everything was in a mess. I grabbed my clothes and stuffed them into my bag. I grabbed my guitar. And chained it inside the case.

And then I saw, there was another guitar. An electric guitar. A pastel green electric guitar, the types that I remember having wanted.

And then I saw another guitar.

Now how was I going to get three guitars and my bag on me to go home?

And the woman was starting her car. She probably had left already. And should I have to catch the bus then? With three guitars?

I know I came here with one guitar. Now I had three.

Blessing. And the responsibility that comes with it.

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Anonymous said...

I love your writings as much as other works you do. And this is funny.