Thursday, January 13, 2011

Electric Guitar

I remember when I was younger, I used to think all electric guitarists were self centered, vain, narcissists who want the spotlights on them all the time. I used to hate them, and I had solid philosophy of my own to have enough reason to dislike them.

Now, after a few turns of events, I am caught in a flurry of learning exactly that: electric and lead guitar.

I never saw the reason for an electric guitar to have a slightly higher platform than the bass guitar or the drums or the keyboards. They are all musical instruments that all work together to support the song. So why the need for one guy (on the electric lead guitar) to step up from the rest and get his/her moment of exclusive fame? Why can't the bassist do it too? Why not the drummer? (Of course they do too, but proportionately only 10% of the total amount of times that the lead guitar is given chance to shine)

That is a solid philosophy and reason why I hated electric guitarists.


My favourite musicians are electric guitarists. Jack White, Bob Dylan (well he is a solo guitarist) and Jimmy Page.

I don't have a solid grounding and reason why I like electric guitar so much now (well atleast way more than I used to). But I know there is a good reason.

It's like magic. Like blood to a human being is electric guitar to music.

In music, the drums are the skeleton and body. The bass is the understanding and consciousness. And Electric guitar is the sense of progression, vertigo, speed and bewilderment. Things that you wouldn't die if you didn't have it, but things that make life more exciting. (Keyboard? Haha, who needs keyboard? haha)


Everything in life is philosophy. When you have your philosophy down, anyone can question you and you know why you believe in what you believe in.

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