Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blessing Called Discomfort

There is something about discomfort that draws you closer to the spiritual and transcendental. That's why people fast. That's why there is a need to fast. If you're too comfortable, I believe there is a need to intentionally put yourself in discomfort. For our own good. It is a human thing. Humans cannot remember the giver after receiving the gift. That's why we need to remind ourselves again and again of times before we received it. That's why we need to intentionally change into old shoes now and then, again and again, and remember how it used to be to live in it. We need areas of blackness in our lives to accentuate the whites. That's how flawed we are. That's why we fast. Only in lack we are desperate enough.

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Marisa said...

100% applicable to my life right now. I'm going to be taking a 3 week intensive course and thought it would all be in Thailand where I know the language, etc. Well, the course got full so now for the one week outreach they asked me to go to Cambodia, because they have to split the group up. One of the reasons I agreed is because I know that discomfort will bring me closer to Him!

God post bro.