Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sickness

The issue of identity comes back to you again and again,
The issue of nationalism, of where you actually belong,
Of where you are from or where your fathers are from.

He says nationalism is an infantile sickness,
The measles of our race.

But you don't do away with it,
Well, you can't.

You can't cook up an identity of your own either,
Because then you lose the depth,
The genuine-ness.
And you become a canvas
That you paint on, that you recreate on
Something out of nothing.

Sounds good in words,
But ridiculous in reality.

Again you cannot be selfish
And wish away the past.

They say the past and your history
Is who you are, you gotta be proud
And accept it. And then another say,
Who you are now is who you are,
And if the one you are now says,
I want to wish away the past,
Then that is being who you are.

Oh bother.

If measles are annoying and bothersome,
Nationalism is an infantile sickness, the measles of our race.

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