Wednesday, March 30, 2011


#100 Raise The Red Lantern

#99 Andrei Rublev

#98 Wings Of Desire

#97 La Strada by Federico Fellini - Hired this film out from the library. The most remarkable thing about this was that the story is very simple, but it still makes it to the top hundred list. The lead actress was played by Fellini’s wife. 
The story goes something like this: a travelling performer gets into this situation where he is obligated to take along with him a country girl who knows nothing about the lifelihood and work that this man does. This man is the ultimate macho sort of guy. The girl is the good-for-nothing sort, who cries at every raised voice. She becomes more trouble than help, and this man somehow shakes her off in one of his journey. But then as good stories do, they make up again and fall in love and become inseparable. 
The story sounds very crafted and done before, but it is the story of how two opposite types of people ultimately find that they can actually not live without each other. The tone of the film is calm and very composed. Great watch if you are looking for something quiet and slow but not a no-brainer. 

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