Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Review - Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man

Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man - James Joyce
I read this book few years ago. I picked it up because it had a very cool cover. And the content totally lived up to the cover. Not necessarily in coolness but in substance.

James Joyce is one writer I am proud to have read. He is not easy to read. This particular one would go down as the simplest and most straightforward.

It follows a character through his days in Catholic school. Through a bit of bullying at sports, through the fire and brimstone preaching at the chapel, through his affair with this woman off the street, through his final decision to not let any association to the nation, church or people determine who he becomes. 
Partly a story of defiance, partly self discovery and letting go of all his Irish nationalism.

Another instant five stars.

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