Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wistful for my punk days!

Oh dammit man. Googling for Naga drums led to one thing (Northeast India) and to another (to Shillong) and another and had me ending up looking at some of our old music videos on youtube. We used to be called Right To Be Left band and we performed punk, garage rock and some metal (without the screams). Our philosophy was, the moment we would become pop rock we should all die. Haha

I am all wistful for those times gone past now! And just when I need to get lots of work done!

Here is a video that my brother uploaded in 2008. Though it was uploaded then, the song was recorded in my old college studio as part of my project demo at Media school in 2007 or something. Pretty old. But still pumping and rockin'! haha.


goofy 'bout Him said...

if i may say so, d video n song show ur 'collegeishness' :D

{oh ben!} said...

Yeah totally. We were in our college buzz then.