Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of Shillong

So, WALLPAPER magazine is doing a tour of India, and featured Wearabout a street fashion photography blogger from Mumbai. It also mentions that Shillong is thefashion capital of India. Shillong has also been labelled as the Rock Music capital of India, though that is disputed because most international bands don’t necessarily go to Shillong to perform (like Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters.. so on).

But if you ask me, Rock music is about the attitude and not being sold out to music ministry. There is a spirit of freedom and liberalism in Shillong that lingers heavily in the pine scented air. I know a few local bands who rock hard (and know of legends like Soulmate and Lou) so that Shillong doesn’t need American and British million-selling bands to come and confirm to them that they really are the Rock music hub. 

Shillong used to be known as the Scotland of the East. I hate that, because the moment you say it, you put Scotland above Shillong. We are just a faint mimicry of the real Scotland somewhere in the west. I am glad that phrase has been overused to the point of redundancy.
What got my attention is the Fashion capital of India. It makes me so excited about seeing it again! How much of it has changed since I last lived there three years ago?!

Here is a post from Wallpaper magazine where this girl who I used to go to college with gets photographed (lucky her! On Wallpaper magazine!).

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