Thursday, June 2, 2011

Edge Kingsland & Arctic Monkeys album

So, its only 12:49 and two things have made my day already.

I downloaded Arctic Monkeys' new album. Just because I had to hear it already. I swear I will buy it on itunes when it comes out. It hasn't been released yet. Suck It And See its called. Listening to it now. I love hearing Alex Turner and the band. They are cool.

I also found this new site that Edge Kingsland has put up for their Signs Of Life Conference. Edge is a church in Auckland that is considered off-beat and alternative. I was there when I lived in Auckland, and I loved it. Check out their website. To me, it is one of my favourite church websites. It is very indie. Very cool. Many churches don't have the attitude to be able to pull that off - I don't think even Majestic could do it, as much as we claim to be creative. Maybe that's the reason. We have the set branding of being 'creative'. Which is great. Which is just what we are. Edge is also just what they are. Who knows, they even don't really care so much and that's how their site turns out like that.. Just plain HTML-sort of look.

Anyway I found this new site they have up - Signs Of Life Conference. It is put up on Tumblr. And well, I introduced the designer to Tumblr.. And a few weeks later you see their conference site on just that. Tumblr.

I love the fact that you can inspire/give-ideas-to people so easily thanks to the internet. I have borrowed so many good ideas from other designers from Twitter. I have used Tumblr and used it and used it again. I borrow skills from all over the Internet. Its great!

Another thing is.... I think designers should take sites like Tumblr and wordpress and Blogger (and such sites) seriously. Majestic site is based completely on Wordpress. You don't need to worry so much about the php and CSS and all that so much anymore. Why even bother? Maybe you can spend more time working on other stuff than wasting hours cracking programmes making a 'proper site'?

Just thoughts. At the moment I am sold out for blog-sites. I might change opinion in the future.

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