Monday, August 8, 2011

Majestic Youth Album Design

The album design for Majestic Youth is ALmOST ALMOST done... And I am getting carried away by the experience - and since no one is here to talk to, I thought I'd ramble on this blog.

This album, first to familiarize a person who have no idea what I am talking about, is a music record produced by Majestic Church. What sort of music is it? Well I am happy to say that our church music sounds different from all church music that I have ever heard. When the path and vision was first struck, we wanted to steer away from all stereotypes, much as they work and they serve their purposes. We thought there are many people who connect to music that are rock and roll. There are also people who connect to new music, electronic, electronically alternative music (and a lot of pop too). So we thought we want to do that. So I'd genre the album - Electronic, dance, hip hop, world and easy listening (some songs atleast).

Well, designwise, I am the Creative Director so I have the liberty to take this anywhere. I thought the design should also be different and almost jagged. Not polished like Michael Buble, not cheesy like Beiber, not grungy like Foo, not alternative like (I don't know), not too dancey like Black Eyed Peas, not indie like the underground bands. But I have borrowed elements from all of these. Except Beiber - there's nothing to borrow there.

The whole concept started from the Comme-des Garcons branding. They are my inspiration.

Then came Japanese-English typography. Then came a bit of Linkin Park. Then came Wong Kar Wai's films. Then came a lot of design posts on Tumblr. If I were to name the biggest source of inspiration for this its Tumblr.

Don't get me wrong.  I am only rambling at 11:13pm. Physically wanting sleep, but mentally and willingly wanting more design.

OK, lets get this work done.

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