Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hand Done Type

Walked to Han's house and spotted the interesting signs at the dairy across the street from my house.
I'm a sucker for hand done typography.

Out & About

There's nothing quite like going out and about and looking at good type, in the city. There's only so much inspiration you can gain by sitting at a computer and looking at beautiful letters. When you go out, you can look at the material they are printed (or hainpainted, it seems, as on the Home Revolution and Yogiji signs below) on, and that makes a lot of difference.
The very interesting thing about many typographic jobs in Christchurch is that they are still hand done, hand painted to look like Helvetica and so on. I think it brings out the human touch to a harsh corporate font like it.

And below is one of my favourite shot from The Sartorialist by Paul Schumann. A girl in Sweden:

Sunday, April 15, 2012


There's always the issue of illusion and unreal
And the realm of imagination
And the 'are you real'
And the 'do you even exist?'

But at times I do think you are real
Some sunsets I hear your voice.
You're not human
Because human is human
Nothing more nothing less.
Some music, some angle in the sun,
Some ripple on the lake,
Some reflection off the shop window,
And I see you starkly real.

Are you reachable?
If I look within me deep enough,
Or if I loose it all and take the train
To an unknown destination
Where perhaps you live,
Will I find you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Industriousness

industrious |inˈdəstrēəs|
diligent and hard-working. 

There is, in my opinion, no alternative to industriousness to be good at one thing. Or just to be a good person in life. Industriousness is positive. Industriousness is life giving. Industriousness is hopeful.  Industriousness is beneficial. Industriousness is productive. Industriousness is hot.  Industriousness is determination.

If only there were less bum times and more productive industry (by industry I mean constructive, and not factory-esque). 

I don't think anyone has any excuse to not be industrious. You can be reading and be industrious. You can have fun and be. You can be as spontaneous and still be as industrious as ever.

I know I waste too much time deciding on things instead of doing them. I know I waste too much time doing nothing when I could have been doing something even most in the remote sense. 

But oh well. Who doesn't already know this?