Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Industriousness

industrious |inˈdəstrēəs|
diligent and hard-working. 

There is, in my opinion, no alternative to industriousness to be good at one thing. Or just to be a good person in life. Industriousness is positive. Industriousness is life giving. Industriousness is hopeful.  Industriousness is beneficial. Industriousness is productive. Industriousness is hot.  Industriousness is determination.

If only there were less bum times and more productive industry (by industry I mean constructive, and not factory-esque). 

I don't think anyone has any excuse to not be industrious. You can be reading and be industrious. You can have fun and be. You can be as spontaneous and still be as industrious as ever.

I know I waste too much time deciding on things instead of doing them. I know I waste too much time doing nothing when I could have been doing something even most in the remote sense. 

But oh well. Who doesn't already know this? 

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