Saturday, May 5, 2012

A One Sided Conclusion of The Avengers

Ok granted that Avengers is a great movie. But I don't get why attacking the American city is always always on the to-do list of the visiting aliens.

It's been a few years since Independence Day. It's still almost the same story running since then. With a slight change, improvement if you want, in technology and special effects, the story is still the same. America (and thus, the world) is under attack from aliens.

I can't see through that. No matter how amazing Avengers was. Or even Independence Day. Or whatever films there have been.

Why can't the aliens have landed somewhere in Norway? In Pakistan? In Nigeria? In Timbuktu? Why couldnt the aliens choose to attack Tokyo with all the million occupants? Or Mumbai, with their skyscrapers and human population to spend (as they do)?

The world is round. Anywhere is possible.


This blog post is titled a one sided conclusion. Well, if you ask me, the movie was one-sided too. You had to become blind to some glaring facts to enjoy it thoroughly.

But hey, wasn't Calcutta and Austria (and a reference to Budapest) in the story too? That was a tip of the hat to other countries than America.

Why thank you Uncle Sam.

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