Thursday, October 23, 2008

and after saying all these, i look around to see if anyone watches me too.

The man has not left his eyes from her. She keeps talking like a little bird twittering to an amused eye. He is dressed well. In brown that blends with the sofa that he sits on.

He still looks at her. Trained. Keep your eyes on her. Shift your body so that it faces her which will give the impression that you are interested in her. Maintain eye contact. Trained. The art of conversation. Whatever.

Their dresses look like they've emerged from polished doors after long hours at furnished office stenching of coffee. Coffee. Symbol of progress. Symbol of hard work. Whatever. Their dresses remind me of coffee. Her boots are glossy leather - like an expensive horse's thigh.

They continue to talk. In all their learnt and bought artistry and education. In all their polishness. In all their coffee-cultured-evening-after-work-rendezvous-that-starts-with-a-peck-on-the-cheek tradition.


They shake hands. Smile. Friendlyly exchange greetings. Trained to impress. Trained to seduce.


bebe said...

Love it!

Navarino said...

What experience is it? You must have been sitting frivolous, not worthy of serious notice in the corner of a windowless room, studded with light.
Or was it a room filled with sun's rays streaming in from wide-open windows? Whatever it was, I can see you sitting silently, tapping your feet, oscillating you pen around your mouthline...and writing these words

Ning said...

thank you thank you.
um.. not really in the corner. just a side of the room. no sunlight. quite close though. oscillating pen, tapping feet. yeah perpetually me. haha.

bebe said...

One can't help but wonder what happens next. The story itself is very seducing. For some strange reason.very real, but surreal too. Argh. It needs to continue. Tell it to me. All.


i am said...

hha i dont know how it ended.
its just a rendezvous at a coffee shop.
i left the place. and forgot about it.
to think about it i am curious too. haha