Friday, October 31, 2008

we hold the tree

we hold the tree. but it grows out of our palm.
i scoop the river. but it flows, unrelenting. mercilessly.

i didn't want yesterday to pass.
this morning dawns. another day.
but different. warm and welcoming the sun's face beams.

keep them company. who? i don't know. yesterday.
next morning, pend yourself. keep me company today.

flow out of my window. like a bloating river.
clear and unrestrained, my thoughts.

things change. grass shivers. cloud shifts. sunset vanishes.
........................................ EMPTINESS THERE'S A TIME FOR IT.


Navarino said...

'Hmm, the tree grows out of our palms..But it has to die one day, if it doesn't, its shade will not allow the younger ones to grow.Emptyness has its roots in "purposity"

Ning said...

is that your original quotation? thats pretty nice. means a lot in a different way than my intention, but also in a good way.

Navarino said...

That is what Swami vivekanada had said before leaving for the ether...He had given a reason, a reason to the millions of his followers, to carry on without him, to not grieve on his departure....

I only found it suitable to rephrase it here.But i guess I couldn't comprehend your poem to an extent of your meaning. Will need your help...hmm