Thursday, May 28, 2009

of alpine chase and oldies and my mother

Been listening to itunes randomized for the whole evening.
I just realised, I have Mint Chicks, a New Zealand group; Power Pop genre, my itunes says. Also came across Amitabh Bachchan's blog. He actually writes a blog and has pretty much deep details about his routine. Didn't read much though.

Akele akele kaha jaa rahe ho (Alone, alone, where are you off to?)
Hamme saath leja, jaha jaa rahe ho..
(Take me along, wherever you are off to..)

I picture that fellow running around magically after that red dressed lady across the Swiss alpine landscape, popping in at the solitary ski lift and then at the cafe and then above the snowline.

Thats because I am listening to that song, imagining it all in my head.


Another song,

Chala jata hoon, Kisi ke dhoondh me Dhadakte dil ke tarane liye

I am not sure what this song means. It just reminds me of winding roads up the Himalayas. Haha. I think it means the guy is walking around in the intoxication that someone has cast over him. Pretty cheesy poetry, but have to say I like it.


The best so far is this one,
Ajeeb Dastan

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh
Kahaan shuruu kahaan khatam
Yeh manzilein hai kaun sii
Na woh samajh sake na hum (Ajeeb)

Meaning, what sort of strange story is this, where does it begin, where does it end?


I am not one for Bollywood movies. But I particularly have a fondness for Classic Bollywood movies and their music. I agree there's not much to appreciate in the pop culture then that I should patronise it so much. It's not like I am looking fondly back to so called 'vintage' era because I think that the age was more classy than ours'.

I think that our age and time is definitely the best in all terms, the culmination of all ages and eras of culture, fashion, music and cuisine. There has never been a more open society that accepts all cultures, subculture and style. I am not saying it is Utopia already, but there are signs that we are getting there, if ever we will.

My fascination for the classic Bollywood can be explained in the light of the imaginary world I create for my stories. Gabalpur, the imaginary town that thrived best in the golden era of 70/80s Bollywood and popular Indian culture (though my story is set in the present age) and a place that reeks of those nostalgia. The music from oldies therefore breathes life into my imagination and brings the stones alive, the noise and smell of the streets alive. The characters become warm with the music. The streets fill with activity and the sun shines warmly on the old towers of the town and school (visit

But most of all, classic Bollywood reminds me of my mother. She used to be avid fan of films then. And used to listen to their music from an old Gramaphone that my grandpa had. She used to be called Zeenat Aman.
I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING IT UP. Here is a photo of Zeenat Aman that you can see for reference: She looked like my mum in their glory days :) (so they say so they say)

photo: Zeenat Aman


Navarino said...

I'd wager your mom did look like Zeenat Aman. I can see it. And I am pretty enchanted by the world that you have created for yourself through Gabalpur....a dire contrast to the frugality of your real life. You have built an imaginary world of words and stories for yourself...which I must say is your mainspring.

i am said...

haha thanks thanks. my mum will be pleased to hear that.
yeah, gabalpur is an escape. well not really an escape but something i'd wished for for a long time. i am glad its not real. i'm glad you are enchanted about it. thats just what i hope to do to others (not at the price of making it a commonplace though).

Rathiulung KC said...

haha. frugality and what not! didn't that come out of Shakespeare's? haha