Friday, May 29, 2009

profile pictures.. like anyone cares.

I have a new found liking to create cheeky profile pictures for my facebook account. I sometimes have wondered what good is it to make something that is not going to earn me anything but maybe, if it is a good day for my friends, a few like-ings and a few comments. What good will that bring me in any way.

I know. Many people probably look at my profile pictures changing almost every week and mutter, hm, if it ain't that kid again.

I know. I know its not going to earn me any money. I know you might call it a waste of time. But that's the point. Well, erm, that's not the point.

There is no point. I claimed to be an artist (I hate that term artist by the way) who don't try to attract attention. But what I do here is clearly attracting attention. I know I eat my words all the time. (Haha) I have no explanation for anything.

Life is. Just is. There is no why. There is no therefore. It just is. So are my profile pictures.

(At the end of this post, I am confused even more than ever, myself.)


Navarino said...
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Navarino said...

I am alarmed to write anything on this....I might infuriate the pretty soul in your bosom. hahahaha
Well, isn't that so called ART of changeovers in your propic a substantial form of self-effacement? Be honest mate...

Navarino said...

A thing that I am very prone to

i am said...

i'd rather say honestly, it is more to grab attention. haha.
well i claim to not attract attention but i am only human and human beings live everyday trying to attract attention in some way or the other. if not the attention of fellow people, the attention of some divine being or whatever.


i know its rather cheap way of attention seeking, but thats pop art, mate. my newest style of art.

sira said...

"Life is. Just is. There is no why. There is no therefore. It just is. So are my profile pictures."

i wish i had more time to make some. very nice.

i am said...

make some sira make some. entertain us. you got humour too.