Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sowing and reaping

Whatever you sow you reap. When you sleep or eat or walk or work os sit, the seeds that you sow keep growing somewhere, inside your life. If you sow depression, you reap depression, if you sow hope you reap life, if you sow life you reap life, if you sow time you reap its value.

Sometimes I am bothered by the things that I sow into my own life. What will I reap one day. I hardly know what I even sow, and that scares me more. I should try and think about what I spend my time on, what I spend my thoughts on, and think about what I will reap later when the harvest comes. If I sow weed I cannot expect to harvest crops. It's as straight as that.

Think about the future, think about what will make you happy tomorrow and sow for that. Not saying you forsake how you feel today and only think about the future, because it is more important to live now than later. But then if I am sowing something good now, it also means that I am living well. And if I don't start now and think about tomorrow, when will I start? I cannot start tomorrow because in that case tomorrow I will have nothing to reap, or worse I will reap the fruit of time and energy wasted.

Today my portion was about the Kingdom being like a farmer who goes out to sow and then he goes back and goes about his daily business like sleeping, eating and waking up, and in that meantime what he threw into his fields kept growing and eventually there came a time for him to harvest. It is a beautiful imagery of how everything we do bears fruits. And as much as it is beautiful, it is scary if I have not been living my life well enough.

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Rathiulung KC said...

thank God for grace and mercy that gives us second chance and allows us to start all over again.
its ok i guess. we are all growing na.