Thursday, November 19, 2009

things i'm finger crossed about

1. Jordi Duff Clinic launch: it's looking like the launch date has to be pushed back again. AS Designs, Auckland messing up with our supplies and even the men's tees haven't turned up til now, not to mention special custom made women's. But once it launches it will be the dope-est design label out. With many prayers.
2. {OB!} magazine: is due tomorrow and I am looking forward to designing it all day today. It is looking real sweet, just need to finish up the cover page and the travel page and chuck in the photography (two pages). Can't wait to see the final works.
3. Simon's Rwanda painting: will be beautiful. I just bought the white massive board. MASSIVE I promise. 
4. Screen Printing: Got to start finishing the design and print be ready for emulsion by monday.
5. Worship leading: this sunday leading the song 'Tear Down The Walls' at morning church and possibly lead in a prayer, if I feel up to it. Sonya my co-leader is an awesome singer btw and she is good.
6. JOB AFTER GRADUATION: Possibly my biggest concern. I am relying on finding one immediately, which will save me a heck lot of worry and waste of time and energy. I just need to find something to do right now, with something remotely related to designing, since I have got Jordi Duff Clinic running about already.
Big times coming up, and big times I am treading on.


::sourous:: said...

i guess i should start making my list to have my fingers crossed for. URGH.

Rathiulung KC said...

what coincidence. one of my worship partners is also named Sonya.
by the way better start with your stuffs man. sounds like a lot of things. already feel headache thinking about it.

i am said...

thanks for the heads up. both of you. not sure whether to feel encouraged or not. but i take it well. hahaha