Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You can sense the tension in the air. All the boxes are being sorted. All the printers going awry. There is a myth in D&A that printers are jinxed and ALWAYS (ALWAYS, literally) printers screw up a few days before exhibition day, when the need for printing and a dependable printer is greatest.

The same has happened today. More groans from the class. Denise hurries in and out of the room.

The tension, you can taste on the tip of your tongue. Some are shuffling at their keyboards trying to get an unfinished project out of their way.

As for me, my mind is blurred. I don't know what to do first. WHat to start with. That's bad when you know you need to be doing something already. It's not being disorganised. I have lists and priority lists that I have made again and again just to make sure. All my projects are handed in. I only got to prepare for the exhibition wall.

Anyway. I shouldn't be writing here. Keri Ann, Becks and Amber are mumbling to themselves. I can see Raj's reflection on my screen as I type, as he stuck his boards and sighing all along.

Got to go now.


sira said...

aww benny. yu do sounds really tensed. and i know the printer situation. its always total chaos on final printing days.

Good Luck mr.

i am said...

thanks it went well. very well.