Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brighter Days

I feel like the song 'Brighter Day' by Leeland. This is one of my favourite songs. It reminds me that despite now there is a better day to look forward to.

Time keeps moving on
Through the sunshine and the storm
And my dreams are set in stone
And someday I’ll be who I want to be
For now I’ll wait
For the sun to shine again
And for now I’ll wait
For the rain to pass away

And I’m looking for the brighter days
When all my hurts seem to fade away
I’m looking for the brighter days to come my way

Faces come and faces go
But none seem to look my way
And walls have stood and walls have fallen
But my heart seems to wait
For now I’ll sit at the end of the road
And for now I’ll wait
At the end of the pathway

I’ll see the sun one day shine upon me
I’ll see the sun one day
And watch the nighttime turn to morning
But for now it all comes back around

I tried to work, but the computer kept shutting down on me so that I had only basic work done and not as much as I imagined I could have done.

But don't get me wrong. A shutting computer isn't the reason I feel like this tonight.

The gate to Murti Colony is shut. I can't seem to catch the train there. Maybe another day, the rain will fall again to lighten the mountains and lighten the heavy thoughts in my head.

Also today I went through much of my writings I did when I was a few years younger than now. I don't write like I used to anymore. Somehow the honesty that I used to write with is gone. Now I put up fake front that I know other people will be more prone to accept.

Maybe another day the rains will fall on me again. Maybe the sun will shine on me again.

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