Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a dream

I have dreamt about death a few times. Maybe I don't know what I am talking about. Maybe I am making it a very light topic, a topic which should never be taken lightly.

But last night, I was a soldier stuck in a building. And there were shells going off everywhere. The windows rattled. The room I was in was all broken up. And in the process of running and sheltering I knew I was shot.

I stumbled into a room. It was grey with dust. And everything shook as the building rumbled under the assault of more army men and more enemies.

I let myself fall down on the floor. I was shot. And I knew I'd die there. On that spot where I lied. And I slowly anticipated it coming. Listening to people overtake the building.

The building was immaterial now. I lied there and imagined crossing the gate of life and death. Today I would be there. Standing on the other end. And perhaps it would be an evening there. It might be night and I might be standing under the lamp post near the gate. Would I remember that I lied on the ground alive just a few seconds ago?

I was glad. All troubles of life and routine all gone. And I'd fall into the embrace of the new.

And I lied there, waiting..........

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