Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conclusion about Twilight

But you know what?

After all the bitching that Twilight receives; it being made a scape goat for people's insulting hormones, it being made a scape goat for many nasty conversations; after all these, it has at the end of the day certainly made people talk. Talk about it. Ok maybe not in an enviable manner of conversation. But it makes people talk.

That's why a gullible person like me ended up watching. There are 80% people out there who are as gullible as me (or even more). Speaking from business perspective, this works, heck yes. If 80% of the people out of the 80% gullible folks end up watching it, who's the loser? Definitely not the people producing this one.

Well, honestly, do you think the directors would give a damn if people talked the worst about their movies, as long as they know that their tickets are selling out like crazy all around the world? And that they are signing deals with big music bands for the film sound tracks? And that they are bringing new actors like Kirsten Stewart, Dakota Fanning and that Jacob fellow to the arena?

They've got it going. And I bet that Twilight would be one of the movies that I have mentioned in this blog many times over and over again. Talk about unintentionally promoting.

The truth is: I can talk all I want here. It doesn't hurt even a single strand of their facial hair.


Shing Yee said...

Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary? Heh. I just had to..

{oh ben!} said...

i have heard that question ever since i have known you ok!
ok what else do you know?? impress me.