Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twilight New Moon

So, curiosity got the better of me and I downloaded New Moon and watched it tonight. Before I go into it here is a figure from the Wikipedia page on New Moon:

Golden Raspberry Awards

2010: Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay - Melissa Rosenberg (nominated)
Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel (nominated)
Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor - Robert Pattinson (nominated)
Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Couple - Kristen Stewart and either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner (nominated)

Hhahaha, some people are just not nice.

Anyway, after expecting complete crap, it turns out to be an ok drama movie. All through out the movie all I was thinking was:

So what if Twilight sucks, what if Edward Cullen is gay, so what if it's all too emo?.............. Kirsten Stewart is hot!

Kirsten puts up a ok performance, nothing bewildering and ground breaking. Just the part she is expected to play. And I feel she does more than justice to the crap original book. I think she gives more life to the story than what the story fails to. I like her air of sarcasm and poker-face-ism. You, however, sort of start to feel its a bit over done, like the director Chris Weitz is trying to prove his point that 'this sort of attitude is the in-thing among teenagers these days' over and over again, wagging his index finger at your face. But that's one positive point I can pull out.

The action scenes are better than part one Twilight. The movement of the wolves especially are quite convincing, when the two wolves are locked in a tumble through the forest.

Also! The camera effects and the exploring of time lapse in a single shot, I found pretty impressive. The scene where Bella sits in her room and the camera revolves around her, the seasons change in a time lapse in single shot (from October to November to December) and out of the window facing her you see the weather change with every revolution around her; that I enjoyed.

Music works too. Reminds you of Death Cab for Cutie, though I have never ever heard that band. Just reminds me of that name. And Paramore. Of course.

Now the negatives. I shall not mention too much because I know it might take all night to point them out.

But the most glaring negativity must be Robert Pattinson's acting. There is no word to describe it. Ok, its as bad as me, Ning, trying to act. That bad. Every word is forced. As though he was in pain to act. I have had a bit of [trying to do] acting in my previous college in our many Video projects, and I know the feeling when you are telling yourself to think and relate to the script. And you scrunch up your face. And try and recall a memory that comes closest to the one you are supposed to enact. I know that feeling. And I can see that in Robert Pattinson's face all throughout the movie.

In fact this movie is such a relief because 70% of it does not contain Edward Cullen. I sincerely hoped he was done for in the story that he would go away forever, and Jake would take his place. But oh dear, no.

Jacob was ok. Acting same level with Nickelodeon TV series acting. He'd feel at home acting in Hannah Montana. He's got that face too.

The story. Well it was more of a remake of part one. Just a lot slower. Same problem. Bella finding a guy who she finds out is dangerous to her and might cost her her life itself. And self-sacrificing guys, unable to control themselves. And a pack of more rowdier friends who this guy is trying to keep Bella from.

Well. This could keep going on forever. But let me end from here.

It's like my uncle's joke. The best way to eat dry croaky bamboo shoot and meat curry is to take away all the dry croaky bamboo shoot and just eat the meat in it.


Rathiulung KC said...

seriously, i can't bear ANY of them. Bella (what a ridiculous name!!), Edward Cullen (acting REALLY SUCKED!!), Jacob (What a loser!! and he needs to get a life)
and that dangerous vampire who was running across rivers and what not..
and those Indian bears, and their topless attitude.. what stereotype.

Bella is not hot. not hot at all. She is such a depressing person.

the only thing good about Twilight is that it is good entertainment, in good quality, like "Tales from the Crypt" remade. of course, Twilight is way better.

and the parts where Edward appears in a dreamy sort of visions.. that's so painfully embarrassing.

{oh ben!} said...


{oh ben!} said...

Bella what a name, yeah. like some Spanish gypsy girl.

Rathiulung KC said...


haha daiche!!!