Friday, April 30, 2010

packing and scents from my wardrobe

I am packing today again. I am moving house tomorrow and am going to Sing's place today. When I packed I took out some of my clothes from the bottom of my wardrobe. Clothes that I haven't worn after returning from Shillong over January. They still smell like the detergents that we use at home, because, obviously, they were washed on the day I left Shillong again.

It's true, smells open channels of memories like no other senses we have.

So, I am packing, and it almost feels like I am embarking on another journey again, to the unknown, or atleast to the known through the unknown.

Well, figuratively speaking I am. I am embarking on another phase of my life, leaving 205 Manchester Street on to 330 Bealey Avenue, sort of, the unknown. Hoping that the new house will bring about many other good times and good memories.

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