Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 may post

Today I walked the quiet road to Majestic Studio. Until Internet is up and running at our place we are still using Danny's studio for Jordi Duff.

On my way here I was listening to Jo Wada Kiya, Paan Banaras Wala and some other random oldies as I walked along River Avon underneath golden autumn trees and many weeping willows. I love Christchurch for the trees.

Anyway, I reckon that the influence by old Bollywood classics can become a major hit with Sirion Diaries because not many people know about B'wood oldies (out of India, I mean) and not many people consider them of having any artistic influence. They are just nostalgic material. And well, that is probably why I consider them of having deep inspiration material. Because Sirion Diaries is based largely on nostalgia.

I don't know how well my grammar are framed on that previous paragraph there. I am not feeling myself completely. Little cold new house getting into my head, especially the scent of fresh paint playing with my head.

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