Thursday, May 20, 2010

Injustice and a Wedding

I have been following what has been happening back at home in Manipur and Nagaland, India in recent times, and have been really disturbed by all the injustice.

On the same planet where people talk about some some teenagers spending millions to seal lights for their music concerts (not to point fingers here, just citing an example), police forces and commandos are dashing civilian teenagers with sticks and against concrete walls and dragging them to town hall (of all places town hall) to shoot them there.

Same planet where people spend hundreds of dollars just to fill their stomachs just for an afternoon (because they have to eat again at night anyway no matter how much they spend on one meal), families live with mouthful of rice for a day just because their cities and highways have been cut off from the rest of the world and the marketplaces and economy has come to a standstill.

On the same planet where all that one worries about is whether the Internet will be up and running by the end of the day, because one might just die feeling the lack of it, there is a family who is anticipating a wedding this weekend, and so far the highways are still closed and the price of things are almost four times high, and so who could afford all the meat (not to think of the basics like rice) for that day?

Sympathy doesn't help. The only thing that sympathy might do is, because of my sympathy some other people might learn about it and then from there some help can be rendered through other people.

No, sympathy isn't what this family needs. Not even if the Naga situation gets resolved before this weekend, the family isn't any better off. Help is a bit too late for many people already. So what can anyone do? It's just news for most people. Just recent events. Just being upto-date with what's happening on the planet that we live on. What can you do so that this family can feel better about the wedding? What can anyone do to appease the crying for the young people lost in the incidents? What can governments do to give ears to millions calling out for their rights? What can they do to replace the life that was lost and not just present certificates to adorn the wall of their emptier by one houses?

If you are the Government, you can't just say yes, because yes to one means no to another. If you are a resistance fighter, you can't just press your point as you feel it, because apparently, as you 'feel it' isn't absolute. If you are an observer, you can't just watch; and yet you can't just dive headlong into the issues because, as they will tell you, it's got nothing to do with you.

So now, you see what I feel like, when I say that one cannot help but see injustice, but all that one can do is see, and nothing else.

Oh, and the wedding this weekend is my aunt's. Congratulations Aunty Susan. Have a wonderful married life.

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Navarino said...

Utterly sad and despicable bro. What help can be given?? How can it be given??