Monday, June 21, 2010

about the All Whites

"Every World Cup needs underdogs, and there is none more appealing than the Kiwis. So pray for Slovakia to pull the upset and send Italy home where they belong." Sports Illustrated USA

link to the article i read about All Whites:

Crazy here. All Whites drawing with Italy. Nothing more to be said.

Have a look at my facebook statuses to get an idea of the hype I was in.

The only thing that's muffling the celebration in New Zealand are the Kiwi wives already asleep, completely ignorant to history being made.... And they are doing a great job.

All Whites made Italy look like frightened rats scurrying for rats. (until they were awarded a cheap free goal.) 23 attacks, 15 corner kicks, goals 1:1. are you gay or what, Italy??

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