Saturday, June 26, 2010

update end of june 2010

Been pretty busy lately.
Good times. Not easy, yes. But whatever.

Singing As I Went Down In The River To Pray by Alison Krauss with Miss Kirner this morning service. The Master Duo! hahaha. That song is pretty tricky. But Tania Kurbatoff (yes, who moved to Wellington to join the Parliament and now is involved in art, fashion and politics haha crazy) will be doing a contemporary ballet dance while we sing it. Nice.

Which reminds me, I watched Carmen by the Royal Ballet Of New Zealand. So amazing! Its got no dialogues, no singing, complete dance and ballet moves conveying a story. And its pretty intense. There's a sex scene (probably the highlight of the whole thing as important as the tragic scene in the end) which was really 'tastefully done' (quoting Julian Hay, apparently haha).

One wonders what people can not do when you watch things like that. There was a live symphony playing throughout the whole thing too.

Well, we just had SOURCE fashion experience. Classic. Did a song with Nathan Phillips (I just feel like using full names of people for some reason tonight) by Maroon5 Sunday Morning. I guess we did pretty well though I forgot some lines (my mind went complete blank). But for the first time in my life I pulled of a popping dance move. hahaha classic. That tension probably made me forget my lines in the song.

Ah well. Long day tomorrow of SALT, practising the As I Went Down song and chilling. Nice.

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