Friday, July 30, 2010

Reconciling Fleeting Interests and Work

When you have interests that are as fleeting as style that keeps changing with new technology, new music, new ideas and new films, you find it really hard to reconcile them and decide for real what it is that you really like doing or what it is that you are really interested in.

I have always thought about it. I haven't been too troubled about it. Interests are interests. They are not obligations. Only when you try and reconcile interests to make it become work then, there are issues that I tend to find it worth worrying about.

And in my field of work, where a job is so closely connected to what I am interested in, it can be so easy to start thinking of work as hobby. And there lies the danger. When we are too expectant from what work we do, and start to demand that it becomes as fun and engaging as our interests have been, that's when artists who are professionals would start to get disillusioned.

Uptil now I cannot say I have ever been in that situation except in classroom situation where I have to force myself to 'interest' in the work that I have to complete in a specific way. Sometimes it has not been too great. But most times I have scraped through and done pretty well.

But now that I will be a full time designer who will keep creating things after things after things week after week, I also see a looming doubt about how I will cope being new and fresh. It is not a doubtful thought but more of being practical thought. Pressure will be hard.

But I will never know until I have jumped into the water. Whether it is freezing or not, I will have to learn to adapt to the water only by getting in. And for sure, it cannot be freezing point so much so that I will freeze to death. There is always room to learn and grow and adapt. Thank God for adaptibility.

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