Monday, August 30, 2010

About Completing whatever you are doing, and not leaving it hanging unfinished

Finally finished designing SALT BOOK. It feels so good to have finished something. To me, there is nothing like finishing a job, and that too finishing it well. Because I have no problem coming up with ideas and visions and starting up grand idealistic things, but then working them through and finishing them to the final stage is always a challenge. I try to make sure I finish them though.

But when I look back in my life and see small projects and works that I left hanging, unfinished I feel really stink. Something inside me that bothers me when I remind myself of them.

That's why I love to do something and do it to completion. And I cannot stand when some people are just happy to talk a lot and start something, gather hype and all that, and when it comes to the real deal, nothing substantial really comes out of it.

I am not the best in getting things done. But I can say that where it matters (or where I think it matters most) I have tried and managed to finish whatever I had been doing.

This morning my Bible verse was that the one who started the work in me will bring it to completion. God is the ultimate one to start something and follow through til the finish. I hope this will be a philosophy in my life too, that I will be a person who does any job, big or small to a proper completion.

Oh man, what's another word for completion? I seem to be using that word too much on this post already.

"accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment, consummation,finalization, resolution; finish, end, conclusion, close, cessation."
says Apple Dictionary.

Thanks, Apple.

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