Monday, August 30, 2010

SALT BOOK and writers of Majestic

This blog post is for and about writers of Majestic Collective.

The idea of a book came to me because we have been seeing people write in Majestic Collective, and they never really get enough chance to show case what they do, and love doing. Well, I know Gemma has gotten a lot of her writings turned into spoken word and performances for mX services, and I know Tania, when she lived in Christchurch, had a lot of writings turned into dances and art pieces. I know Daniel Hollis has had a few of his poetry and fiction published in the Majestic Magazine. I know Adeline had some writing on Majestic Magazine too. A few people (including the magazine team, of course) write on a regular basis in the church magazine. (And thats great. Salt Book would not be a rebellious break away from the church official magazine sort. It is just another art form. Another media that will co-exist.)

If you are getting the vibe of where I am at, you will notice that writing has not so much really been showcased and exhibited for what they actually are. They have always been a part of a wider performance or been used for/as some secondary purpose.

Here, don't get me wrong, because I am not de-limiting the importance of writing being used as a secondary medium and to 'assist' art forms like dance and drama. That certainly is a great way that writing is being made use of, especially in Majestic.

However, where I am going at with this point is that we also want to see some exhibition of writings that Collective artists have done and want to see them stand on their own. Purely as writings. Purely as words on paper. Let them speak for themselves and stand for themselves.

The dream of a book/magazine came quite collectively. The dream of a magazine has been in the hearts of many Source group members for years. I know many people are addicted to magazines (addicted in a good way haha). I know many people who would love to design magazines. I know lots of people who would love to write novels and short stories. I know a lot of people who would love to see their thoughts turn into words and print. I know lots of people have unnatural affinity for all sorts of paper and texture. For fonts and photos. For smell of books.

With subdued dreams and passions like that, it isn't possible to let it be.

As they say: The pen is the mightier than sword.

There are many people who dance can never get to. There are many for whom art just don't appeal to. Many who can't be reached by spoken word. There is a gap that only writing can fill.

I want to smell fresh prints and feel the texture of paper and hear typists going bonkers and listen to a gathering of editors, designers, artists and marketeers. I feel so gutted that I will be missing out on great things that will be happening at Majestic, for the coming years (how long I don't know). I feel gutted that I never know where life will take me from Parachute Music.

I talk to Elly all the time about creativity in our church, and she tells me that people think our church is going too hip hop. It is ridiculous. Its just because people aren't stepping up and upping their game. Is it because the only people doing things are the hip hop lots? The moment people blame the church of going one way in terms of arts, and they don't like it, people need to step up so that it balances out! And if not the church keeps losing people because they can't 'stand' the electronic music and the hip hop.

I hope that SALT Book will be the start of something in Majestic. We don't have to wait for Salt every year for a book or a magazine. It wasn't hard to put together. All we needed was dedication and interest from the team members. And that was clearly there when we made this.

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