Monday, October 18, 2010

Church Scouting

I have been going around to a lot of churches lately. Here is the list of churches I went to:
. City Church Waitakere
. City Impact Church
. St.Paul's Church
. Church Unlimited
. Faith City Church

It has made me think and remember how different people are. How they are catered to spiritually in different ways, how they worship differently. You see, for example, Faith City and St.Paul's are churches on two extreme poles. They are made up of totally different crowd and different vibe. St.Paul's is artsy, relaxed and chilled Reformed Anglican church while Faith City is more like a Pentecostal South Auckland hard core church, cool in its own way. Awesome music in both places. Faith City has this gospel-choir-R&B-dance vibe (effortlessly cool) and St.Paul's has this Leeland-alternative-acoustic atmosphere and it is set in Auckland's one of oldest church buildings.

They have been enriching experiences. I still plan to visit Edge Kingsland next sunday, and then finally will decide which church I will stick to.

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