Wednesday, October 13, 2010

on Rob Bell.

Sometimes I listen to Rob Bell on iTunes when I work. He is good.

He is popular and well known for a good reason.

The most impressive thing about him is that he knows the Bible. Very well.

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Rathiulung KC said...

yeah he is good. but i don't trust him. he is too good an orator for me. if you know what i mean. in fact, watching him inspired me to be a preacher more. haha

but come on man. he says he KNOWS the Bible. but he acts too wise man. his stuffs on Hebrew words and all are blown out of proportion. but yeah he has that to his credit. he knows his Bebrew. he just makes it complicated.

i sympathize with him in that there is a grain of truth in other religions. but i think he is too tolerant.
watch this guy Mark Driscoll man. he is way more worth it if you are into sermons and all. this guy is so funny. so damn funny. and one hell of a committed pastor he is.
enjoy tell me what you think about him moh.