Monday, December 20, 2010

About A New Book Project

I am writing a book about Christchurch. I don't know what the title will be, but I am very excited. One of the closest ideas of success to me, whatever the hell the term actually means, is: 

Write A Book. 
I believe that a man has acheived something major in life when his works are made into a book. You have sealed a part of your soul within the bindings and made yourself immortal. 
It is different from doing a record. In the future music players will not be able to hear (because of technological advancements) what you have recorded today unless you are phenomenally good. Songs that you have sung today will be unlistenable in the future. And besides, music is for the shifty minded.
Books are immortal. It doesn't matter what you write about. It could be your daily experiences. It could be a story about a duck. It could be a story of life and death. It could be a book about science. 
I believe the world is divided into two types of people. People who have written a book and people who haven't. And no one knows the disparity that it exists, except for those on the greener side.
(I will let you guess which one is the greener side.)


Shing Yee said...

i wanna read it.

Navarino said...

Over 90% of the things ever written are equal to straw, it's complete gibberish. Some have realized it at the threshold of death, some have realized it early in life, and some never have and never will realize it.