Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ah. If only fulfillment or the feeling of fullfillment is the ultimate goal of humanity. Because right now, I have so much art projects and creative stuff going on for me that I feel so fulfilled and just happy. If only the other self inside me stops reminding me that I need to get a job. A frikkin job to pay my bills.

I started on this Virtual City of Christchurch on the Second Floor of Majestic and only when I began realised the magnanimity of the project. Well, basically I had the idea of making use of a big white space right at the entrance of the floor that was lying unused. And draw a whole virtual city in the likes of the computer generated virtual cities that have no perspective but have dimension and depth.

Something like that.

It is going to be a massive project and I almost doubt if I will have time to carry it through. 

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