Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in Christchurch

So this is my first post after returning to Christchurch.

What can I say? Christchurch. There is no place quite like it.

Here are a few photos I took on Photo Booth. My hair is quite long by now. But I am still wearing old clothes, as I do.

Jo said I looked Metro when she saw me on Sunday. Haha.. Well.. You can't insult me more than calling me a metro. I dislike everything that a Metro man stands for.

Not that I don't. But if the world was fair and square and I had my way, I won't be found as a Metro guy living in a bustling city life.

There is a lot in/on my mind. I am plotting an exhibition as early as I can make it happen. And have a theme already in mind.


Marisa said...

Are you back in Christchurch permanently or just for a visit?

{oh ben!} said...

I am back for good. My contract with Parachute ran out, early than anyone thought, yes. But it is all for good. Congratulations! Couldn't help but notice the ring on your left ring finger!

Shing Yee said...

Please cut your hair Ning Nang Nung.

{oh ben!} said...

ah there she comes again.. that ringing sound!