Saturday, February 26, 2011

What else?

So here we are. After the headline world news event earthquake has visited our city and gone away leaving lives broken and everything else helter skelter. I will not waste my breathe (typing time) talking about the event again. News do that good. What the news don’t talk about is this place that I am at, listening to Zipporah beg for attention in her baby language, soup (of the most unique concoction) boiling on the stove, baking preparations being made and the cloudy sky above the doleful Christchurch houses (that survived the quake) sitting eventlessly. Somewhere in the house Rocket the black cat walks about softly plotting some evil scheme in his cat brain.

A long day in front of us.

We try to be cheerful, and we don’t have to try too hard. We have friends around us. We know our families are safe. We are comfortable, a luxury in these tough times. We have the luxury to be able to make coffee and tea whenever we want.

What else do we need?
The rescue operations are still trying to keep the city as safe as possible and still checking if there are survivors under the rubble. It still goes on. People still don’t have basic amenities at home. There are the noble and bold people who go about and get involved. There are the army people from around the world cordoning the city off. There is the news going on incessantly about updates from the zone.
So what else can I ask for? Will life be rebuilt in this beautiful city? Will businesses come back to bustling levels? Will the river Avon float softly carrying the holiday makers on her back again? Will the churches chime again? Will be parks and gardens be filled with green and flower again?
Who knows. Maybe its still too early to think about such things. Maybe we still need to just get through this for now. And be grateful for what we have as of now.

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