Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earl Grey

Earl Grey in the morning. With plums. Yum.

Today will be a good day. Much to get done.
• Finalising on new Majestic website, hopefully get it published by today.
• Getting started on magazine, in some way or the other.
Working at Craig's.

You see, after the major earthquake, my work place has been displaced and we have no more access to it. So we have been moving around, especially me the designer and Kim, the Events Manager. Yesterday it was Mark Marchand's. Today it is Craig's. That's the joy of living in the Internet age, isn't it?

I love being busy again.

Today I will be salvaging a house deemed 'little unsafe' to try and recover some stuff. I feel like Sylvester Stallone in Daylight, the worst disaster movie ever made. Haha
Maybe after a month when I feel more like it, I will write up on the events surrounding the quake at Christchurch; all the struggles, fear, hope, friendship, help and worry that came with it.

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Marisa said...

I'd be really interested to hear more about Christchurch and everything surrounding the earthquake. Please post when you've processed some more and have the tiem!