Friday, March 18, 2011

When you got to go

When you got to go
You can leave the front door ajar
There's the mower running
And I am not sure I can hear
What the heck you're saying

But if you haven't got to go
You're most welcome
To stay the night
There's films to be watched
And biscuits to be had

And maybe when it gets darker
And the night older
We can hunt that strange closet
And fish out who or what
Is making that noise

It can't be a demon
It could only be a rat
It could also be a lose splinter
Rattling in the draft
I mean I don't know

I mean when you got to go
Just let me know
I've got no problem, no
Sure you got better place to go
Sure you got to go where you got to go

... But well, you know... even you've got to have
These eventless insignificant nights
When little noises in the closet
Seem extremely annoying
And you would spend all night
      hunting it down

As though it were the most
Important errand on earth
............ What?
Shut the lawn mower, will you?
What? You didn't hear
A single word I said?
Oh darn it.

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