Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indian kitsch art

At this point I am more influenced by (and jealous of) some of my designer-friends working in Bangalore and Delhi who incorporate Indian pop art into their works. India is such a bustling melting pot of craziness (in good and bad ways). That includes design and art. I remember when I went back for holiday winter of 2009, and I was on a buzz so overwhelming that I came back to Christchurch and became a recluse for a few weeks, slowing my head back down.. Haha

Check out the print made by Ketna Patel. So good!

She is not one of my friends by the way. 

My friends… For some reason are not in the habit of posting their works online. How indie indeed. 

I love this print. 

More Indian kitsch art. I wikipedia-ed kitsch and I realised that it had a more derogatory meaning than what I imagined. Kitsch means cheap art that people mass produced. Something like propaganda material that would get pumped out of a factory and the designs were crafted by what they would call unskilled artisans.

But, one thing is clear that kitsch aren’t boring. They are ridiculous, eye catching, and flambuoyant. Not pretentiously low key like tamed graphic design would be.

Kitsch art would be the signs that are put out at the dairy store all across New Zealand. Kitsch art would be on the buses that run in Shillong - those silly grammatically incorrect lines splashed across the face of the buses. The design on the cheap matchboxes. The design/print on the rice bags that come from Haryana and Punjab. The pamphlets designed on MS Powerpoint. 

Nothing glamourous. But I love it. It has full of character as opposed to a polished slick website whoring itself to Helvetica. 

Sometimes I wish I am bizarre enough to use WordArt on Ppt.

Anyway that’s why I love Indian pop art. They are Indians enough to be so cheesy with character.


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