Thursday, September 8, 2011

Georgia And Some Fonts

Georgia the font. 

I found this link to apparel industry in India and Bangladesh - and found the simplicity of the page (The Hindu - Business Line site) so inviting to read!

I had thoughts to converting this blog ( to Helvetica or Courier New or even Arial. But none of them are as simple ad straightforward and beautiful as Georgia. I feel that for content, Georgia is even better than Bodoni in terms of readability. Better than Helvetica in some ways - Helvy is a bit too 'yo, I'm a designer, I'm cool I use Helvy'. Courier New is one of my favourites but readability is an issue and I want my blog to be quite readable.

Anyway look at how beautiful this page is:

Another font I really enjoy is Lucida Console. But used most sparingly.

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