Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Spotted this person while boarding the bus. I enjoy the bus though sometimes it is a hassle to have to wait for the bus, walk to the stop and pay and so on. But you get to see a fair bit of interesting people. 

First I thought this woman was a tourist (now that Rugby World Cup is on, you see more of them) because her style looked a bit different. What I found most interesting about what she was wearing was her almost unflattering pants - almost like gym/jogging pants and the combo of cheap work shoes.

And the jacket she was wearing was a leathery grey fitting one with the pashmina sort of purple scarf wrapped against the cold biting wind that Christchurch was starting to whip up.
On closer inspection, however, I realised she must work for the hospital. The blue lining on her top with her work shoes and the flared pants made sense. It looked more like a nurse's uniform. And the bus stop was right next to the hospital. Made sense.

Now did that revelation that this was just a nurse's uniform spoil the sense of interest and rubbed out my curiosity? I don't think so. In fact I found it more interesting. 

I'd rather look at what people do with their everyday items, their everyday work and see how they make them into good design and style. I can't stand looking at designs on the ramp. Models skimpy and loaded stomping down the runway don't fancy me at all.

I find people like these (including a lot more, that I think will upload up here one at a time) inspire me so much more.

Here was a person off from work - 'making do' with the 'work clothes' trying to compensate with a purple scarf that she probably hopes will distract attention from her work pants that are nothing fancy and dandy.

She must have just finished work and was waiting for the bus home.
Now, the models on the ramp don't tell a story like the people in their daily lives do.
Don't get me wrong. I see people everyday that I find fascinating. Sometimes I wish I run a blog like the Sartorialist that I can full time devote to people that I think are fascinating. And again, what's stopping me from doing that?
My point is, I see people everyday. I know people who are interesting (and cool, though the word is overused to the point of being irrecognizable). If I were to devote time to draw and describe every one of them (though I wish I could) it would be insane. 
In saying that, I want to. 

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