Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music and Design

Lately I've been so busy it isn't funny. Two weeks spun in a state of disarrayed vertigo. I am thankful they passed though it had doubtlessly been quite fun too, now that I think about it.

This week is busy too. But brushing up on lingering projects and looking forward to a few weeks of just normal work days. And snuck in there a night of good film. And book. And Sirion Diaries.

Everyday I think about Helvetica. And why it is so special. Why it is such a recurring phenomena.

I see places where it has been used sooooo much in ways that seem unappealing as hell. I also see places where it has been used sooooo much in ways that are beautiful - beautiful - beautiful - making Helvy look like it is fresh air - the very element of nature, in its purest form.

Here is an example of Helvetica well used - ISABEL MARANT

I discovered a church called Church On The Move in USA who are considered the cutting edge creative church. In an attempt to sound considerate - I find the stuff they do staggering. I feel gagged, to be blunt, however. The metallic website, the moving AfterEffects type content - all disconcerting - reeking of professionalism and technicalities.

Maybe this is because of my weakness when it comes to technical issues, but I feel that the more technical you get the farther you go from being human.

But again - again - technique sometimes can produce the right design (and so, the right communication).

Anyway COTM isn't the issue. Its probably me.

And my fascination (and hatred) for Helvetica probably also stems from this issue I have with technicalities. I am not against technique. I think I have my own technique that I work with.

But I get spun out by technicalities.


Listening to Suck It And See by Arctic Monkeys.

There is something about Arctic Monkeys - their philosophy about their craft... When you listen to them, they are full of technique and technicality yes, but what shines through is their creativity, their fluidity, their coolness - humane stuff that technicality does not offer.


Well there you go. A bit of a Thursday night rambling.

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